Getting the Family in the Car is Easier in the Toyota Sienna

Are you looking for a minivan that will make the ride more pleasant and the packing and unpacking more convenient? You should take a look at the Toyota Sienna, a popular choice in this class of vehicles. With features like the Smart Key System and dual-power sliding doors, packing and unpacking vehicles will become a breeze.


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The Smart Key System features a fob that allows you to unlock the doors without pulling out the keys. Simply touch the door handle with the fob on you, and the door will unlock. The same technology also opens the liftgate by sensing your foot and starts the car by pushing a button. The whole family will also love the dual-power sliding doors, making it easy for even the youngest children to open the door.

If you're interested in learning more about the Toyota Sienna range's features, come to our showroom in Corsicana, TX and take one for a test drive.