The Three Main Types of Suspension Systems

A car's suspension system is critically important to both proper handling and providing a comfortable ride in the cabin. Traditional suspension systems are made of heavy duty steel springs and steel leaves. However recent advancements have to lead to the creation of hydraulic and magnetic suspension systems. All three are able to be serviced by our amazing team at Stewart Toyota.

Steel spring systems work by the spring or leaf being compressed or flexed when exposed to force, thus dissipating its impact on the rest of the vehicle. Hydraulic fluids work by compressing a fluid inside of a sealed cylinder, thus absorbing the force. Magnetic systems use extremely strong magnets and computer software to turn on and off when the vehicle is hitting bumps or making turns.

Your suspension system helps make your car easier to handle and ensure a smooth ride. If you have noticed that your vehicle is no longer responding to it used to, call and schedule a service appointment at 3400 South Interstate 45 today.

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